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Basic copyediting

The go-to option for consistency, clarity, and concision, especially if you want to tighten up copy for your website or polish up your manuscript. A great option if you seek a more grammar-focused (but not grammar-fixated) edit, including:

  • consistency,

  • usage,

  • accuracy,

  • brevity, and 

  • identity retention.


A great choice if your writing project is in its final stage and only needs review for usage (technical elements) before it goes live, such as:

  • punctuation,

  • spelling,

  • grammar, and

  • mechanics.

mega copyediting

Like the basic copyedit, but with a bit more bite. We may even delete whole paragraphs! In addition to the components of basic copyediting, we'll center more substantive elements in your work, such as:

  • continuity, 

  • voice,

  • accuracy, 

  • flow, and

  • identity retention.


If you're an EFL/ELL/ESOL/EAL writer, we'd love to help you review your US English-language content, where we'll focus on:

  • consistency,

  • clarity,

  • flow, and

  • identity retention.



If you and your organization seek contextualized language awareness-building in a holistic, soul-nourishing environment, we’ll prepare and facilitate a customized, decolonizing-language workshop* for you and your group around a (language) topic of your choice.

Please review our policies to learn more.

*On-site location limitations apply. Virtual options available.

— Melinda H., owner of Durham Bodywork

our process 


free consult•We’ll set up a time to discuss your service request over the phone for up to 30 minutes; in the meantime, you’d email us your entire manuscript in MS Word format.

project blueprint•After receiving your free consult, Queer Black Editing will send you a project blueprint, outlining discussed expectations, including rates and timelines.

contract signing•Pending your decision, we’ll both sign an agreement to begin work.

payment•Queer Black Editing requires payment upfront for manuscripts fewer than 13,000 words. Otherwise, incremental fees are due accordingly.

editing•We’ll edit your manuscript (and if more than 13,000 words, while referencing your style sheet—or, for an additional fee, we’ll create a style sheet—as we go).

delivery•After multiple editing rounds, Queer Black Editing will send you a final, cleaned-up copy of your manuscript.

— Nureena F., writer + artist

— Shannon R., owner of Nectar Strategies

Wanna know more? Please review our policies.