••• policies — editing services •••


1. we specialize in fiction, creative nonfiction, and marketing + web content.

Queer Black Editing has the most experience editing fiction, creative nonfiction, and website and marketing copy. (Bonus points for novels, memoirs, personal essays, social justice- and holistic-focused content, and text centered on rad-identity politics!) 

We do not edit or review any academic, legal, technical, financial, engineering, mathematic, or medical content at this time. But whenever possible, we'll gladly refer you to editors who specialize in STEMspeak.

2. we're trained in Chicago manual of style and adspeak.

Yep! We can pivot from an Oxford comma to title case in a heartbeat. 

3. please have your manuscript ready for editing.

Upon contacting us, please be ready to send us your manuscript in a single-file, MS Word doc.

Your sending us the entire document allows us to better contextualize your work and price your project appropriately.

Please refrain from sending us partial manuscripts, excerpts, or writing samples, which affect continuity and delay the overall editing process.

4. we fact-check as we go… if it's accessible.

If, for example, your writing project is a kick-ass, intersectional, revolutionary take-down of transgressions from the powers that be, but the information gleaned from your research is only found in texts stored behind online paywalls or library doors, sorry—that kinda fact-checking is on your own. 

We also don’t crunch any hard numbers or fact-check extensive charts, graphs, or tables, as in-depth math just ain’t our steeze; we trust that you’re the expert of the stats you’ve researched. (But we’ll totally point out any misspelled axis titles, if applicable.)

Proper nouns, terminology, and simple facts easily found in a quick, online search are fine.

5. we operate 100% electronically.* 

All manuscripts must be sent in MS Word format, in a single file, through email. For transparency, we use Track Changes for all documents unless we’ve both agreed to an alternative arrangement.

Queer Black Editing uses electronic contracts and receives electronic payment through PayPal.

*Not including initial consults, which are conducted by phone. Manuscripts more than 13,000 words may be subject to a printing fee.


6. we reserve the right to refuse service.

Whether we have or have not worked together in the past, Queer Black Editing is under no obligation to render services to errrbody under the sun. Not even if we're compatible zodiac signs or whatever. 

7. we're cool with (brief) rush jobs.

Most of the time, if you have a short project, we can accommodate your immediate editing needs.

All rush jobs yield a 50% (base) surcharge, due upfront. 

8. even if we know each other offline, a contract is always required.

For both your and our protection, Queer Black Editing never renders services without a contract, even if we used to be play cousins. Please review our process from start to finish.

9. our pricing will vary.* 

We'll price your written project according to document type, editing level, length, and the time needed to review and edit it.

For manuscripts fewer than 13,000 words, payment to Queer Black Editing must be made upfront and in full through PayPal.

For manuscripts more than 13,000 words, incremental payments are due as scheduled through PayPal.

*Flat, tiered rates for manuscripts up to 3,000 words may apply.

10. we work with one writer/project manager at a time.

You know that adage about too many cooks in the kitchen? Yeah.

We assume that whoever contacts us shall be the point person we communicate with throughout the entire editing process.

11. a style sheet is required for all manuscripts more than 13,000 words.

Feel free to create your own style sheet (we’ll provide a sample for you—all you gotta do is customize it for your project’s copy-specific needs).

Or, for an additional fee, we’ll create one for you.

12. anything else we haven't mentioned on here will be in the project blueprint and/or contract.

Yep—rates, timelines, and whatnot. Questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us!


••• policies — decolonizing-language workshops •••

1. you choose the topic + location. we’ll do the rest.

Queer Black Editing leads holistic, soul-deep, language workshops for groups and organizations on everything from an overview on “decolonizing language,” to gender spectrum-friendly personal pronoun usage, to learning how the slightest nuances in language can land on and shift meaning for Black folks, Indigenous folks, and folks of color.

Just let us know and we’ll customize our workshop format to fit your needs.

2. we serve the following metro areas on-site:

  • Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill

  • Greensboro/Winston-Salem/High Point

  • Richmond/Petersburg

  • Asheville, NC

  • Washington, DC

At this time, we offer online workshops for all other locations in the US.

3. our workshops typically last a couple of hours.

We lead workshops for a few hours during the day so that we can provide an immersive, holistic experience for you and your group while running on fresh, elevated energy.

4. our pricing will vary.

Once you’ve contacted us on behalf of your org/group, we’ll provide you with a quote based on workshop duration, physical distance/location, number of participants, and overall prep.

Payment is due 14 days before the workshop date.

In the event of inclement weather, illness, or some other uncontrollable factor that may come up for either party within 14 days before (or on) the workshop date, we’ll work together to re-schedule another date at no extra charge.

If Queer Black Editing must cancel the workshop for any reason, a full refund will be given.

Unfortunately, we do not honor refunds for cancellations made within 14 days before (or on) the scheduled workshop date.

5. even if we know each other offline, a contract is always required.

For both your and our protection, Queer Black Editing never renders services without a contract. Cuz legal woes just ain’t cute.

6. we reserve the right to refuse service.

Whether we have or have not worked together in the past, Queer Black Editing is under no obligation to render services to your group or org. We may not have the space in our schedule or whatever, so thanks for bearing with us!

7. a word on location + venue…

We prefer to facilitate our workshops in ADA-compliant, public venues (e.g., your place of business, movement studio, etc.) that you’d reserve in one of the metro areas listed above in policy point #2.

If you or your org are not able to locate a venue, we’ll reserve the space rental on our end—the cost of which will be added to the overall workshop fee.

8. got more questions? holla at us.

Really. If you’re not sure how all of this is supposed to go, please don’t hesitate to reach out!